Picla. The Community of Choice

Welcome to the Picla app for Apple and Android. At Picla, our great mission in life is to help you make choices – and to help you help others make theirs. Oh... and to have some senseless fun while we’re at it.

Life’s about choices. You make hundreds of them every day.

This or that?
Here or there?
Now or later?
Him or...ahem... him?

Every choice you make says a bit about you.And adds a bit to your life.

So wouldn't it be great if you could get some help making choices? And maybe help a few friends with theirs.

Welcome to Picla... the community of choice.

At Picla, you're just two pics away from a world of advice. Just post two pics.

Which jacket should I wear today?
Which jacket should I buy tomorrow?
Which journey should I take?
Which job should I seek?
Which joint do you like?

Now everyone can add their two cents worth.They can give this one the tic. And that one the flic.
You can ask your friends. Or you can ask the world. It's your choice.
So get going. Download Picla for Apple or Android using the buttons above.

Because life's about choices... and so is Picla.