What is picla and where do I get it?

Life’s full of choices... and so is Picla. Our great mission in life is to help you make choices – and help you help others make theirs. That’s why we call Picla the social network of choice.

All you do is post two pics. People can pic the pic they like and flic the pic they don’t.

Which jacket should I wear today? Which jacket should I buy tomorrow? Which journey should I take? Which job should I seek? Which joint do you like?

That sort of thing.

Along the way, you can make comments. You might even make friends as well.

So, c’mon. You know you want to.

You can download the first (testing) version of Picla from Google play or the AppStore.

What if I’ve got a suggestion?

Then we’re all ears. We’ve just launched Picla and we’re crying out for your ideas. How can we make Picla better... easier... smarter... choosier? If you’ve got any awesome ideas (or you’ve found a bug), let us know via the App Market. Either that or drop us a line at ideas@picla.com.

What’s the lingo?

Basically, it goes like this. The pic you pick from a picla is pic’d. And the pic you didn’t pick is flic’d. Or, to put it another way:

How do I join?

Too easy. Just click the register button on the landing screen and enter your own username, profile name, email address and password. Then you’re on your way. Usernames and email addresses must be unique... kind of like you.

How do I post a picla?

You can pick from two options... ironic, hey? You can either pick ‘Create’ from the slide out menu or hit the double square icon in the top right of the app.

You’ll then see the Create screen pop up. From there, just:

Why hasn’t my picla shown up yet?

Your picla may take some time to reveal itself. Don’t worry. It isn’t hiding away trying to avoid judgement. It’s probably just our caching server running a bit on the slow side. If that happens, your picla will probably pop up in your profile first. Think of it like you and your friends are getting a sneak peek.

Can I search and filter piclas?

You sure can. Just hit the search button at the top of the page (magnifying glass). You can then enter as many search tags as you like (leave the hash tag off to make it easier). Then, click Search and... hey presto... a filtered list. You can clear a tag by clicking on the cross next to it.

How do I find new posts or people?

The latest and greatest piclas will always turn up on the home page. You’ll be able to see all the newbies from your friends and (as long as they’re marked Public) from everyone else.

TIf you want to search for a particular person, you can hunt around using the Find Friends option in the sliding menu. Just type their name and, if you find them, click to see their profile and piclas.

Who can see my picla’s?

Picla has two privacy settings – private and public. The Private setting means your picla can only be seen by you and your friends. Public means everyone can see it.

What if I find a picla offensive?

Picla’s about fun, not filth. So let’s keep it clean and respectful please.

To support this, the good folk at Picla HQ will be keeping a close eye on things and deleting anything that we deem offensive.

And we’re asking for your help too. If you want to report a picla, click the exclamation mark (!) in the top right of the app. To report a user, view their profile, click the settings button and choose block or report. Block will hide any of that user’s future piclas, while report will submit them to us to investigate.

Why can’t I share a picla on Facebook and Twitter?

We were planning to make sharing a big part of Picla... but only after the huge global Picla mega-launch. But then we thought “hang on... why don’t we let you decide”. So take your pick. Use the picla below to tell us if you want sharing or not.

How do I update my details?

Good. An easy one. Just jump into ‘Settings’. You can change everything except your username.

Why can’t I sign in with my Facebook account?

This is something we're looking at.

How do I de-friend a user?

Normally you’d do something like say “I’m not speaking to you anymore,” or, perhaps “Talk to the hand.” But, on Picla, you’ll find an unfriend button on your (ex) friend’s profile. Don’t worry, though. If you patch things up, you can always friend them again.

How do I sign out?

Settings... Sign Out... Simple.

How do I delete my account?

At the moment you can’t but if you send a request to support@picla.com we can do this for you. We’ll add the DIY option shortly.